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Take a ride in the futuristic electric Lucid Air

Take a ride in the Lucid Air from electric-car startup Lucid Motors. It was developed by former Tesla executives, including Peter Rawlinson the chief engineer behind the Model S, and Lucid Motors’ CTO.

The car starts at $52,500. But you could go for the fully-optioned Lucid air complete with a panoramic sunroof, a bigger battery with 315 miles of range, 1,000 horsepower and all-wheel-drive, autonomous driving hardware, 29-speaker audio system, and active suspension. Pricing isn’t finalized but the vehicle is expected to cost over $100,000.

Production will begin in 2018 and Lucid Motors plans to deliver 10,000 vehicles in its first 12 months.


  1. Zachary says:

    Lucid could become the next status symbol.

  2. dan b says:

    Good name for it and beautiful car!

  3. jeremy says:

    Any more updates or mention of the price?
    One had heard north of $160 k…
    The 400 mile range is very commendable.
    Each year more and more EV’s on offer it seems.

  4. eve says:

    $160K sounds about rigght Jeremy. Low production right now so higher price range.

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