Off-road Motorsport Legend Drew Bowler Dies

Bowler Defender

Drew Bowler, the founding father of monstrous rally-ready Land Rovers, passed away unexpectedly on November 14th. For over 30 years, Bowler Motorsports has produced a succession of iconic vehicles for winning trials, hill rallies, comp safaris, and raids.

Drew’s history in off-road rallying began in the early 1980s during some personal successes with his home-brewed Series I Defender. By the middle of the decade, he was building cloned and custom Defenders for enthusiastic customers all over the world. Bowler Motorsport has since been the leading authority in ludicrously modified Rovers capable of tearing through sand, snow, and dirt at speed.

Despite the loss of its creator, Bowler Motorsport says it will continue to produce competitive off-road vehicles. Proceeding his death, the company’s website was changed to a single statement celebrating Drew’s achievements and confirming its own commitment to maintaining his dream.

“Drew did more than anyone to bring rally raid to the UK, and through the succession of innovative and race winning cars he developed, he took Bowler to the highest levels of international motorsport including the Dakar Rally, where the Bowler cars and team spirit shone brightly.

“A pioneer, engineer and racer, Drew will be greatly missed by all who knew him, but the thriving Belper-based company that proudly bears his name will live on and continue his vision.”

Drew Bowler

[Images: Bowler Motorsport]

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  1. dukeisduke says:

    Sorry to hear about this – I remember one of their Defenders featured on an episode of TopGear. Rest in peace.

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