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Hefty Dodge Challenger Hellcat to Shed Weight for 2018 SRT Demon Role

2018 dodge srt hellcat demon

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon promises to be at least 200 pounds lighter than the current Hellcat when it debuts at the 2017 New York International Auto Show.

While Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ first teaser video introduced the resurrected nameplate, the latest shows the Demon driving onto a scale and shedding weight from various areas of the vehicle.

The video is the second in a 12-video series, which are to be periodically released in the lead-up to the Demon’s April reveal.

According to FCA, the change in curb weight comes from lighter wheels, steering, suspension, brakes, interior construction and other components.

Even with the 200-pound weight loss, the SRT Demon would still tip the scales at around 4,200-plus lbs at least 400 pounds heavier than the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Ford’s Shelby GT350. Still, the drop in weight alone should invigorate the Dodge enough to make an incremental difference in acceleration numbers.

As this is only the second video in the series, it only shows one aspect of the upcoming model. The Demon will likely see its power output rise above the Hellcat’s 707 horsepower, thanks to various performance modifications, but we will have to wait to learn more.



  1. NoID says:

    With Demon, America will win again. Believe me.

  2. APaGttH says:

    American makers weren’t good at making them lighter. I realize the Hemi fans will scream BLASPHEMY when you bring up the fact the LX platform is older than GM Zeta (which ends all global production this year) and comes from an era when Detroit made them heavier and with worse space utilization than the competition.
    Of the big three, Ford was the best. At this point I would say GM and Ford have caught up with Asia when it comes to weight. FCA has a different strategy. The Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart are weightless now!
    Also, the Charger/Challenger are BIG cars.

  3. 28-Cars-Later says:

    “The Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart are weightless now!”
    Brilliant strategy?

  4. FreedMike says:

    “I don’t get it… My 2002 LS430 had a listed curb weight of 3995, and that was a huge car. ”
    Might surprise you to know a Challenger is a huge car too…in fact, it’s almost exactly as long as your old Lexus.
    That Lexus also had an aluminum engine, while the Challenger’s Hemi is iron-block. I also wonder how much high-strength steel you’d find in a Lexus as a weight saver versus a Dodge.
    Lots of little things, but the weight similarity probably makes some sense.
    And the Challenger’s huge size does pay some dividends…it has a nice back seat and a pretty decent trunk.

  5. APaGttH says:

    200 pounds, back of the envelope if you can get the traction that should be good for about .15 to .20 in the 1/4 mile – right? (assuming all things equal DA adjustment)

  6. ajla says:

    “Why would you want a two-door car to be full-size?”
    For bad-a$$ness. It’s not like they don’t make the Charger and 300 for the sedan-lovers.
    A few of the mega-bucks makers do a full-size coupe, why not let the plebs in on the fun?

  7. ptschett says:

    The Challenger really isn’t *that* big. I gained a few inches of lengthwise leeway in my garage when I kicked my ’96 Thunderbird out to make room for the 2010 R/T that I had. The Thunderbird weighed about 3800 lbs versus the 2010 at something like 4050 on an unattended DOT truck-check scale, which didn’t strike me as unreasonable considering 20″ wheels vs. the T-bird’s 15″‘s, a decade and a half of safety advancements (ABS, ESC, side airbags, et cetera) and a powertrain built for 376 HP instead of the T-bird’s 205. The 2015 R/T might be a little heavier but it feels smaller and more nimble than the 2010 thanks to the Super Track Pack on top of incremental suspension improvements.

  8. jalop1991 says:

    Plus don’t forget the dad-bod driving it.

  9. mike1dog says:

    I’m already sick of hearing about this car.

  10. sportyaccordy says:

    4200 lbs… that’s basically Lotus territory.

  11. ToddAtlasF1 says:

    Give Lotus a few more years. They’ll get there.

  12. It also steadily loses weight as it drives, by nearly a pound of fuel for each mile it travels.

  13. Chi-One says:

    In memory of BTSR:

  14. FreedMike says:

    Pour one out.

  15. George B says:

    I’m surprised that FCA hasn’t made and aluminum block replacement for the Hemi V8. It’s a high volume engine also used in the Ram 1500, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Charger, and Chrysler 300. That’s lots of weight reduction for the engineering effort.

  16. pragmatic says:

    They should have, but for FCA if its not Alfa its not worth spending money on. A lighter hemi would help with CAFE and might convince me to buy one.

  17. Drew8MR says:

    I just appreciate the “Race Gas” button. I’m fine with this on that basis alone.

  18. NoID says:

    Maybe it has a secret Smokey Yunick fuel tank hidden in there somewhere.

  19. thunderjet says:

    Any word if a Charger version of this will exist or not?

  20. Not_a_luddite says:

    I don’t get it… My 2002 LS430 had a listed curb weight of 3995, and that was a huge car. Admittedly, it was missing a lot of the bloat required in today’s cars, but it still had eight or 10 airbags, full power everything, a little V8 and all sorts of safety stuff. It had nearly no aluminum in the structure, all steel. The hood and the trunk were aluminum, but that is probably less than 100lbs of overall savings. The engine was all aluminum too, but so are the Camaro and the mustang’s. There were parts of that car that were seriously overbuilt, the lower control arm bushings looked like they belonged in a truck. The suspension was mostly forged and cast aluminum, the brakes were radial mounted and monobloc. Lexus didn’t cut corners, wood, leather and thick shag everywhere, not a hard plastic anywhere. The undercarriage was lined with felt to absorb noise.
    I just don’t get where all the extra weight comes from in a 3800lbs coupe, or the 4200lbs coupe like the Challenger.

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